Policies & Procedures

Welcome to the Community Band of the Palouse!

Rehearsals: Rehearsals are held at Gladish Community Center, off Main Street at State and Olsen in Pullman WA 99163, on Tuesdays from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. We encourage regular attendance. Please inform the director and section leader if you must be absent.

Folders: Folders are available for practice and rehearsal. The black folder must be returned to every rehearsal in order to make certain that there is enough music for everyone and that all parts are covered. In the event that you can’t attend rehearsal, please make sure your folder is returned to someone who can bring it to practice. Note the contact listed at the bottom of this page.

Uniform: Our uniform consists of our red band polo shirt worn with black pants or skirt, black socks or hosiery, and black shoes. During summer outdoor performances, white hats may also be worn. The red band polo shirt is available for purchase for $23 each.

Performances: A schedule of performances will be made available as soon as it is drafted in the early part of our rehearsal year, usually by October. This information will be sent out via email to the band email list and posted to the band website and Facebook pages. For most performances, band members will need to bring their own music stands and wind-clips. CBoP has a set of plexiglass windscreens that may also be used to help secure music from blowing away.

Roster: A band roster with contact information will be provided. Please give your contact information (name, instrument, phone, email) to Becky Behre or Ginny Hauser in order to be added to the roster.

Auf Gehts: Auf Gehts is the German band component of the CBoP. Auf Gehts has performed community events for more than 40 years and does an important service for the band in that several of the annual performance gigs are for donations that support the band treasury. Please consider participating in Auf Gehts at least once through the performance season.

Donations: CBoP is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation which allows us to receive donations. We welcome contributions that help support our educational and musical activities.

We have in place a suggested donation schedule that applies to band members.

  • Suggested band donations are collected 3 times per year in March (Spring), June (Summer), and September (Fall).
  • Suggested amounts per trimester are: $30 for adults; $10 for students; and $5 for high school students.

Money collected supports our activities including a small stipend for our director, business licensure, corporate taxes, liability insurance, post office box rental, music purchase, and other minimal expenses.

If you are unable to pay the full amount, we will accept whatever amount is feasible and encourage your assistance with the Auf Gehts German Band performances.

High School Students: High school players who are able to perform at a high level of musicianship are welcome with parental consent. The Community Band of the Palouse has always been a safe and encouraging environment for young musicians and will remain so. High school students are expected to observe the standards outlined for attendance and the responsibility for returning folders to rehearsal.

Contacts: Matt Zook, Music Director, 208-669-0721 (phone);  mzook@garpal.net (email).

Facebook page: http://facebook.com/palouseband

Website: http://palouseband.org

Band email: palouseband@gmail.com